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Four years ago we published an article called Ectomorph Aesthetics that covered everything you could possibly want to know about the most attractive male physique. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy for us naturally thin dudes to build up a perfectly attractive physique.

In that article we talked a lot about what was attractive, and not so much about how to become attractive. So in this short follow-up article we’re going to help you actually build up an optimally attractive physique.

Also, a few new really interesting bits of research have come out in the past few years. We’ll cover that too.

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So we’ve just outlined the four key steps to becoming more physically attractive. First start off by getting your BMI into the ideal 23–26.5 range. Then you’ll want to take care of that ecto-belly to get that actor-perfect posture. Next up you’ll likely want to burn a few pounds of fat while holding on tight to your muscle (lifting + plenty of protein is essential when cutting). And lastly, you’ll want to strategically muscle-up certain body parts to get the proportions of a Greek God.  +12345678 health and fitness

If you’d like to learn how to:

  • Gain weight to increase your BMI
  • Correct your slumpy posture and “lazy stomach” so you don’t even need to think about it
  • Learn how to cut while maintaining (and sometimes even building) muscle
  • And how to properly emphasize different body parts to idealize your proportions

…then we’d really recommend joining the Search for idea Program. It’s a complete muscle-building system that was designed with these principles in mind (and much more). It’s suitable for all experience types—whether you’re a total beginner with a BMI of 17 (that’s where I started) or you’ve been lifting for a few years and you just need to gain a few pounds and bring up some lagging body parts. You don’t even need to take our word for it, you can give the program a try for 60 days with a full money-back guarantee… but if you fail to see measurable results after even just a single week we’ll be right there to get you back on track 🙂  +12345678 health and fitness


health and fitness
health and fitness

Having a perfectly attractive physique isn’t as difficult as you might think. You see guys on the cover of fitness magazines and whatnot and yeah, in order to get their physiques you’d need exceptional genetics and the help of your neighbourhood drug dealer.  +12345678 health and fitness

Unfortunately, as naturally skinny dudes we don’t have best muscle-building genetics. Also, most of us don’t want to break the law, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and suffer some unsightly side-effects in order to take steroids. I certainly don’t.

Does that mean we can’t have an optimally attractive physique? Hell no!

What women are drawn to is exceptional masculine health. Guys on steroids look very strong and very masculine, but they hardly look like pillars of health—at least not to women. It’s very impressive… but mostly just to other dudes.

In terms of attracting women, you could say  that sexy is a visual representation of remarkable health.  +12345678 health and fitness

In order to look remarkably healthy you can’t have the average dude’s fairly healthy 20% body fat and look like you work a desk job. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to look exceptionally sexy you need to look exceptionally strong and healthy… not average. Surprisingly, that’s actually not that hard! That’s incredibly realistic for almost everyone. It’s certainly realistic for you.  +12345678 health and fitness

That’s what made our first aesthetics article a little bit controversial. A lot of bros think that you need to be enormously muscular and totally chiselled in order to look “aesthetic.” This is not so! The research unanimously shows that guys with twenty fewer pounds of muscle and ten more pounds of fat look better.

You could think of that as being the difference between Brad Pitt and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Both action heroes, but just one is a famous sex icon—the smaller one. It’s primarily dudes who dig the bigger one.

So for us skinny guys, who generally tend to have a healthy body fat percentage already, it’s simply a matter of building up a bunch of muscle in a balanced way without getting fat, and then while doing that fixing up your desk-junkie posture and doing some fun accessory lifts to bring up lagging body parts.

health and fitness
health and fitness

That’s where this visual guide comes. It will show you how much weight you need to gain, what optimal posture looks like, how lean you should be, and some proportions to aim for.

Keep in mind that just moving closer to these ideals will make you far more attractive. If you get 80% of the way there that’ll probably be all you need. If you can get 100% of the way here, God help the women you don’t choose to spend the rest of your life with—they’ll never find another man as handsome as you.

Onwards to the guide! (We made it Pinterest Size.)

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